Marketing Without Email

Internet Marketers Claim Email Lists Are Where The Money Is To Be Found.Marketing Without Email

In fact many internet marketers spend huge amounts of time, money and effort building their “lists” .. of email addresses. They can’t contemplate marketing without email.

And while it is true that email is an important facet of marketing, I’m not convinced it is the “be all and end all” it is often claimed. In fact I’ve ditched my lists and CRM in my own busienss and have developed another strategy which, for me, works even better and is less effort.

I’m not for a moment suggesting that you should drop email as a marketing tactic. But I do know that if you listen to the following audio interview, you will learn a method that few try; one that could be integrated into your own marketing strategy, perhaps alongside marketing via email.

In the interview my colleague, Ian (Mr Email Marketing) Brodie, asks me to explain my strategy and brings a few very valuable insights to the discussion himself.


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