Marketing Thought: There are Few Alternatives to a Budget

Stella* called me and booked a 1:1 …. she had severe marketing issues and her turnover had droppped £3 million in five years. Her turnover was had fallen by 50% to £3m.

Stella’s largest competitor has a £55m turnover and puts 2% into his marketing budget plus he employs a team of 10 marketing professionals.

Stella spends less than £50k on marketing and has one member of staff focusing on marketing.

I know from experience that there are hundreds of free marketing tactics and tools you can use to good effect. But faced with a budget that is ten times yours and ten times more marketing staff there isn’t much wiggle room left.

It is possible to find several ways to beat the oppposition in this case but the best one is to find a niche that is big enough for you but that is either too small for the Goliath or that he cannot enter.

You need to play David to this Goliath.

*Not my clients real name