Marketing Principles Beat Tactics

Marketing Principles Beat Tacky Marketing Tactics Hands DownEvery Week I See Shiny New Marketing Toys Being Recommended. Too Often They Focus on Tactics NOT Marketing Principles

There is a big difference between a tactic and a principle. Both can work short term, but principles are far longer lived and can last forever.

Tactics are defined as a system or procedure. They are about employing available means to accomplish an end. Tactics are a sensible way forward in many cases and we all use them to a certain extent to achieve our ends. 

The only problem with tactics is that not all tactics are equal. There are good and bad tactics, black and white tactics … and some tactics you would never admit to your grandmother.

Principles are an entirely different matter.

Principles are about fundamental truths and propositions that serve as the foundation for a belief system, behaviour or for a chain of reasoning. They are fundamentally good (although in theory, I suppose they could be bad but I’m not convinced they would then be principals in the accepted sense of the word).

So we may believe in the principle of honesty, integrity, equality or whatever as the underlying principle of how we do business.

We can then apply these marketing principles to the tactics we use. So we might phone people and adhere to the honesty principle when the gatekeeper asks if the CEO is expecting our call or knows us. Honesty is our principle here and phoning is our tactic.

You can use the tactic without any principles and lie through your teeth .. but I don’t recommend it.

If you go down the principles route and learn to DISCERN the difference between principles and techniques, the improvements you will see will be HUGE.

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