Marketing Commercial ventures: How to market restaurants, salons, gyms, theatres, etc

Coffee discount voucher001How to market restaurants, salons, gyms, theatres, etc

When we are focused on getting bums on seats it is often easy to forget the commercial products and services we should also be promoting.

So if you have a restaurant, salon, gym, theatre or other venue that rely on public support you need quick and simple marketing channels that cost little to support or run.

One simple channel is to use a loyalty card.  These can be as simple as the High St coffee shops use .. a card that is stamped with every purchase and provides a free coffee for every 6-10 purchased.

Or a membership card might offer a given discount on every purchase.  The commercial example above offers a 10% on all purchases and would be quite simple for any provider to implement.

Where implemented I’ve seen quite dramatic increase in turnover and profit in restaurants, salons, gyms and theatres.

For an example of point of sale cards used to promote loyalty cards see the end of this post.

Loyalty cards are just one technique you can use to drive business to commercial ventures.  Why not check out others posted on this site?  Just use the search bar above or click on the category tags.

Coffee discount voucher002






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