Live from the #DiscoveringFutures event at the Magic Circle

planning is essential in social mediaThis post is being sent live from the #DiscoveringFutures

event in London.


The event is being held at the Magic Circle and has delegates from the UK, Eire and Denmark.

So let’s get down to business ….  

I believe there are two very dangerous things in life. 

The first is the number ONE. 

If you only have one marketing channel driving all your business .. or one product or service for sale .. or one idea on which you base your business .. you are extremely vulnerable should that ONE possibility fail.

The same applies to using ONE marketing or social media channel.

My Theory is That Basing Your Plans on Theories is Dangerous

The other dangerous thing is depending on theory.   Clearly theory is necessary;  but we need to check  that we work in the real world and take a pragmatic approach to digital marketing.

So we need to plan our marketing and should never depend on either ONE …..  or base our plans on theories.

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