Live from AOC Digital: #AOCDE13 Prospectus History Dictates the Future

College prospectus historyPart two of the Digital Prospectus; Live from London addresses the history of the paper prospectus and the impact on digital.

I produced my first prospectus in the mid 1980s.  It was for an agricultural college and the main things students worried about was the equipment on the college farm and the size of the bar.

Good quality images were essential and this was largely how a prospectus was judged.  Next on the list were the sporting facilities and activities available.

Over the years success levels became more important.

More recently Ofsted results and  Unistats have come to the fore.

However a problem exists.  Keeping these details up to date in a paper prospectus is difficult.  Online as it as easy as opening a webpage and amending it .. and takes a few seconds.

Providers that use digital to inform the public can provide more timely information and at a lower cost.