Listen to Dr Srikumar Rao Live in London

Senior staff at Microsoft, Google, Merrill Lynch, Chubb, IBM, Johnson and Johnson, Deutsche Bank, Accenture. Tata & Yahoo pay big money to get advice from Dr Srikumar Rao.

Not only is Srikumar a noted academic and TED presenter; he is someone who also advises me from time to time.  I’ve known Srikumar for a quite a while for a simple reason.  We mastermind together.  That means we get together once a month and exchange ideas.

Srikumar used to teach on MBA programs at Columbia. You can also find his TED talks on YouTube (see below) and he runs a Personal Mastery course that gets rave reviews.

This course normally costs $1000s and is normally only run for private clients.

Getting to a Srikumar Rao event is high on the “must do” list for many top flyers.

Now Srikumar is coming to London for 1 day only (7th October London) and is running a full day seminar for just 40 people.

The cost is £697 plus VAT if you book direct.

But as you are, like him, an academic and on my mailing list he has agreed to reduce the cost to just £397 plus VAT.

This seminar isn’t for everyone.  The content isn’t like anything you have likely attended before.  You can see the syllabus details below ……. beware it is typically long as many American documents are .. but it is also a document that had me thinking a great deal and is worth checking.

I’m going to be at the event .. will you join me?

CPM syllabus, September 2014

Or go straight to the booking page and check out the Exclusive 1 day seminar

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