LinkedIn Strategies to Build Your Career

How to boost your career with LinkedIn LinkedIn is More than an Online CV

But sadly most people don’t use it for this purpose at all .. and if you are building a career this is a tool not to be ignored.

My son in law changed jobs a year ago .. all as a result to someone approaching him via LinkedIn.  They liked his profile, invited him for a beer one night and offered him a job that same evening.  He wasn’t looking for a new job but they had trawled the web looking for the right person to fill a new post and his profile ticked all the right boxes.  He now has a new job and a salary that is considerably higher than before.  Here is a LinkedIn tip to help build your career.

How to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

There are many ways to do this. Clearly you need to start with a full profile complete with a good photo. Get it done professionally .. holiday snaps  are OK on Facebook but create the wrong impression on a professional site.

Then think about getting some achievements online.  People don’t select employees on what they have been responsible for .. it is what they have achieved that attracts attention.

LinkedIn Projects are a great way to profile your achievementsThe simple way to do this on LinkedIn is to add some Projects.

Simply go to your profile, select Background and select Projects …. add a project title, explain what it was about and what you achieved and add project members (if you wish).

You can add as many projects as you wish and it is a great tool if you want to prompt people to recommend you.

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