LinkedIn: How Colleges & Trainers Can Use LinkedIn to Build Relationships

In a previous post entitled How Providers can Use LinkedIn, I mentioned LinkedIn Groups.

I said that groups are a really powerful way to link with people of similar mindset, interest or whatever ….. and a place to ask or answer questions on just about any business related topic.

With LinkedIn it is important to understand that LinkedIn is a NOT a sales platform.   But used wisely it will present you with sales leads.   

Let me give you an example.

A few months ago a large membership organisation interested me.  I liked their ethos but thought their marketing could be significantly improved.  Clearly a full frontal sales approach via LinkedIn was not the way forward.  So I joined their LinkedIn group, responded in discussion groups, posted a few discussions and made myself generally useful to them.  A month after this started a senior member of staff phoned me to discuss a comment I’d posted.  We chatted for over an hour.

The CEO phoned me

Twenty minutes later the CEO phoned and asked me to quote for a piece of work.  She’d liked what I had been writing, had sat in on the call to me (I didn’t know that) and felt I was the person to conduct the work they wanted.


 I firmly believe that providers can emulate this way of working.

Rather than just post “sales” messages, provide good advice.  Pose questions and offer help.  Once you are “conversing” with the business and are a “trusted adviser” you might want to invite someone in (maybe the CEO if they are part of the discussion) to be a guest at an event, speak to students, open a new building or whatever.

Once you are known and trusted work follows.  I know, this works for me.


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