Last chance to learn about FE Marketing Secrets

FE Marketing Secrets SeminarFE Marketing secrets in Manchester was a great success and the London event starts in less than 24 hours.

This is a practical seminar for serious FHE marketing focused people.  We don’t teach reams of theory; we demonstrate proven techniques that work.

Learn how Colleges are significantly increasing their recruitment and still saving as much as £180,000 a year.

  • Discover what really works on your website .. and what doesn’t.
  • Discover social media secrets that really boost recruitment
  • Find the answer to successful exhibitions  and events.
  • Gather the contact details of the people that DIDN’T attend your open evening or event
  • Discover the one question to ask at networking events that is guaranteed to get you a meeting with employers
  • Learn how one college attracts 200+ people to business seminars at nil cost
  • Find the answer to CRM systems and strategies that work

To book your place go to London Marketing Secrets on the Protocol site

Alternatively enquire about an inhouse seminar or webinar tailored to your exact needs .. phone 07904 897929 NOW 

PS these events are attended by Principals, VPs, marketing managers and marketing coordinators  .. the feedback is that they all find really valuable nuggets of information that can transform their marketing in a very short time span