Live from London: #AOCDE13 The Digital Prospectus

The Digital Prospectus; is there an alternative? The following series of posts are taken from a presentation made on The Digital Prospectus at the AOC Digital Conference 2013.

They are being automatically posted in real time as the presentation takes place.  Such is the power of the web.

The Internet is no longer new.  Yet few education providers have embraced the powers of the web and provided truly digital prospectuses.   The reason are many.  Maybe it is a lack of skills, a lack of imagination, fear that recruitment will drop, directives from above?

My personal feeling is that this is an opportunity lost.  The young person that is not on Facebook is a real rarity.  Often their grandparents are also on Facebook and FB has become a family space.

And what about the millions of people on Twitter, LinkedIn and other social and business networking sites?  Plus we have millions of people downloading Kindle books from Amazon as well as podcasts and video from from Apple.

The opportunities are myriad.  but if a truly digital prospectus isn’t fro you why not go for the middle ground?  Why not produce a mini prospectus outlining your main offer, location and ethos with the detail on an effective website that can be updated in minutes .. something you can’t do with a prospectus.

The savings made on the prospectus could fund a very good new website!