Is WebChat the Same as a Bot?

Is WebChat the Same as a Bot?

WebChat and Bots Are Not the Same

WebChat has been around for years. In some senses it is a bot, in that it is an automated system.

You type some copy and when you click it goes to the chat agent who responds if they are there. But that’s as far as it normally goes.

But we recommend an updated type of web chat that operates 24/7.

The real problem with live chat is that it only works when the visitor and the agent are both online at the same time. available. It doesn’t really work if one of the parties is offline. With our recommended system, the visitor can send their message when it suits them and if the bot doesn’t provide an instant answer, the agent can reply when next available. So it really does work 24×7.

But the real key is the ability the bot provides to provide answers 24/7. It’s done with a mix of Artificial Intelligence, keywords and FAQs.

The whole thing is very simple to set up. It’s just a matter of dropping a snippet of code on your website. The first time I did it I was all done in 2-3 minutes.

If you want a free trial so you can test it on your website for a month or so just get in touch.

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