Almost Instant Video & Audio Transcriptions for FE

Audio Transcriptions: Rapid audio and video transcriptions Audio Transcriptions: Being able to post a transcription of a video, keynote speech or lecture has many benefits.

Cost has always been a factor in obtaining audio transcriptions as has making recordings. But the costs have now virtually disappeared and recording the words has never been easier.

Let’s take the words first.  The simple way to do this .. if you don’t have access to a lot of expensive kit is to use a mobile phone and a low cost Lavaliere microphone. I personally use the PRO70 (£111.28 the day I wrote this post), but there are other options.  Lavaliere mics plug into your Android or iPhone and will record either sound only, or sound and video.

The mic is small and unobtrusive and you can fit the phone in an inside pocket with the mic wiring hidden under a jacket or shirt.

Check out the various mic options below.  Spin the carousel to see up to six options and pieces of kit.  Or use the carousel to visit Amazon to see other options.

Then check out below to see how to get the audio transcribed.

Rapid Audio Transcriptions

Audio transcription is now very easy and very low cost.

The best way is to go to the on demand service at and follow the instructions.  The cost is $1 per minute and it is very quick.  Turn around can be as little as an hour for short pieces.

Alternatively you can post the video on YouTube and the YT system will automatically produce a transcription.  This is a free service but the downside is that being machine produced it needs careful editing to amend any errors (and there can be many if you have an accent that the machine struggles with.

My recommendation ….

is to use an iPhone and Audio Technica PRO70 plus . The quality throughout is superb.


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