Improve Your Marketing with Camtasia Studio

 camtasia studio for the production of video and screencastsWhat is Camtasia?



Although Camtasia Studio gets superb reviews from users and professional reviewers not many people in the education sector know it or use it.

They have really missed out on an excellent marketing tool.

So what is Camtasia? 

Simply put it is a professional film/video editing suite that can be used in PCs or Macs.  for me it is superior to Final Cut Pro in the way that it can also be used directly for full or customer screen capture (without the hassle of using another piece of software) at any resolution you choose.

Camtasia Studio can also be used to import or capture PowerPoint presentations including animations, video and soundtrack.

I’ve recommended Audactity as an audio studio in the past and Camtasia will import these files as well.

I especially like the fact that Camtasia is intuitive to use.  I was up and running out of the box (and it doesn’t cost a bomb to buy and install).

If you do want tuition there are plenty of video tutorials on the TechSmith site  (this s a TechSmith product)  plus loads of videos on YouTube.

That leads me to another thing I like.  You can save videos direct YouTube and add all the tags and descriptions from Camtasia.

I also use Camtasia to screen capture those videos I want to watch before they get pulled down from websites.   Just log in, use Camtasia Capture and walk away.  Then watch the video when you want to, NOT when someone else wants you to watch.
Want to learn more?  Go to for a video introduction and free trail.

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