How to Use Employers’ Curiosity Gap To Win Contracts

Lowenstein and the curiosity gap What is the Curiosity Gap and how does it apply to Employer Engagement & Business Development ?

George Lowenstein coined a theory he called the Curiosity Gap. In it he suggests that as soon as we realise there is a gap in our knowledge, we strive to fill it.

In Employer Engagement and Business Development we can take advantage of the Curiosity Gap by using a very simple formula.

Firstly create an article or “lead magnet” about a topic your audience is interested in. It has to be a topic where you intrigue them with new knowledge or an insight into the topic they’ve never heard before.  In others words it has to pique their curiosity and make them want to fill their knowledge or curiosity gap.

Ensure you have a headline that provokes their curiosity. It could be something like my headline …. How to Use Employers’ Curiosity Gap To Achieve Your Objectives

Now either email or post this headline to employers.

[Some people miss out the article or post and put their total idea in an email. This works but isn’t as effective and misses many ways that you can leverage to get to even more people and be found online.]

A good headline will provoke curiosity

If you are reading this article I rest my case .. your curiosity gap made you follow the link and read this post.

Once your reader has taken the challenge you offered and is reading your copy it is vital you offer great value. Your new knowledge or  insight must add value and be worth reading. If you do this they will return for more. Plus you add credibility to yourself as being worth following.

Reversing the Curiosity Gap

Sometimes it is difficult to write something new about a topic. So create a piece that reverses the topic. Instead of writing “How to …”, write .. “How not to  ..”

So instead of writing a post on Seven  top employers engagement ideas write one on Seven employer engagement failures.

People are intrigued by failures. They see a knowledge gap and the curiosity gap traps them. Some people read it and feel smug that they didn’t make these mistakes … and some learn about mistakes to avoid.

Other reverse headlines might read …..

  • Seven employer engagement disasters
  • Seven employer engagement mistakes
  • Seven employer engagement ideas that lead to dismissal
  • Seven employer engagement tactics that caused bankruptcy

So know you know about The Curiosity Gap how are you going to use Lowenstein‘s  well researched work to develop your employer engagement?


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