How To Use LinkedIn to Find Prospects

LinkedIn is about relationships with customers and contacts You can be a passive user of LinkedIn and lose lots of opportunities or you can use LinkedIn for a few minutes, twice a week, and see results in hours.

Most people like you and I are on LinkedIn but they don’t really understand the power of LinkedIn.  They don’t realise that in just a few minutes each week it is quite easy to stimulate interest from a contact .. without writing a word.

It is also quite easy and quick to start up a conversation that has been initiated by the person you want to “buy” from you.

Here are a few simple ideas that really work and have personally brought me a lot of business in the last year or two.

How To Use LinkedIn Endorsements 

LinkedIn encourages us to endorse people we know.  To be honest these endorsements aren’t to be taken too seriously in some respects a they are too easy to do (recommendations are more valuable in this respect as people have had to think and write more rather than just click a mouse).

BUT   .. when someone has clicked a button and endorsed you you are for a short while in the front of their mind.  In most cases they are thinking of you with a positive mindset and this is something you can leverage.  LinkedIn will tell you when someone has endorsed you and this gives you the opportunity to thank the endorser and continue a conversation that they initiated.  Depending on the context of our relationship I’ll ask them how they are progressing with a project we discussed previously or send them a link to a relevant article I’ve written or .. well the list of things you can do is huge.  The main thing is to get a dialogue going and gently remind them of what you do, and then very gently check if they need any help at this time.

Keeping in touch with people is vital and LinkedIn gives you the chance to do this without looking “salesy”.  After all the other side initiated the conversation.


Why You Should  Give LinkedIn Endorsements

The flip side of this situation is to initiate the contact by endorsing someone yourself.  In this case don’t push too hard or you will appear salesy.  Rather than endorse them you might decide just to message them with a link something they will find useful.


Make People Feel Good on LinkedIn

Another very simple thing to do is to contact someone you already know  via LinkedIn with a request for help or advice.  People love to be asked for their opinion.  It makes them feel good.  Obviously you need to ask genuine questions that they can add value to but this is a great technique to build trusted relationships.


Why Does This Work via LinkedIn?

Why does this work better via LinkedIn than an email ?

Simple.  Emails to a work address are perceived to be about work whilst LinkedIn is personal.  Your LI profile is yours and unrelated to work .. so people respond on a personal basis.


Be Tribal on LinkedIn

The second reason it works on Li more than email is to do with being tribal.  You are both members of LI and that makes you members of the same tribe or family.  They are therefore more likely to respond.

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