How To Use LinkedIn as a “CRM” System

LinkedIn has many CRM FunctionsMost people miss most of the functions that LinkedIn offers and whilst it will never fully substitute as a CRM system, it has some functions that will replicate a few of them.  This makes it a great Employer Engagement tool.

Bearing in mind that so few FE organisations have little in the way of CRM systems these are worth considering.

On the image above I’ve marked 6 functions that can be found on LinkedIn profiles.  Go to anyone you have linked with and you’ll find it at the top of their profile (just under their photo).

1. Notes.  Add anything here from their dogs name to the last order they placed with you.  It’s invisible to everyone but you.

2. Reminder.  This diary function will send you an email to remind you to phone, or whatever, on a given day.  It also stays on their profile until you mark it as complete – see number 6.

3. How you met.  In case you need it, add any how you met info here.  Additional meeting details, who else was there etc. can also be added here.

4. Tag.  Add any tag you like.  Then sort by tags.  So I can search and find all those tagged as “photographer”  or any other tag I’ve added.

5.  Tag label. This is where the tag on this person is displayed.  More than one tag per person is permitted.  I find this a simple way to tag people by organisation, location etc.

6. Reminders. This is where reminders and several other pieces of information are displayed.  For example this is the place to see the last messages you’ve sent one another.

As a “mini”  CRM system LinkedIn is excellent.  In many senses the drawback of LI is th efact they don’t really explain their functionality to customers.  If most of us understood a bit more we’d use it much more  .. and perhaps even pay for it!






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