How to Use “Keyword Modifiers” to Improve SEO

Sometimes Improving SEO is just a matter of tweaking existing content

So, if you have a webpage about First Aid courses you might modify the page title by adding the name of your town.


Simple, when searching for courses people tend to type in their locality as well, e.g. First Aid course in Manchester.

Those in the know will argue that Google knows where we are when searching and delivers results based on our preferences and location. They’ll therefore say that this is unnecessary.

Not true. Adding the location will boost the SEO wherever you are based and of course not everyone searching will be based where they want the training. So the HR/training department of a large organization will search for courses where the employees work not where head office is.


Other Types of Keyword Modifiers

Keyword modifiers are often adjectives. So they are words used to describe a product or service.

So rather than just say widgets we might use the word yellow to describe them. So people searching for yellow widgets are more likely to find us than if we just said widgets. Based on this we might need to use other modifiers based on colour.

In education we don’t use many of the next list of modifiers, but they are used extensively in marketing other products and services.


Examples of Descriptive Keyword Modifiers
Examples Of Brand Modifiers

Or we use brand names like Canon, Samsung, Sony to describe things like cameras etc.


Some modifiers are Industry Specific Modifiers




Adding keyword modifiers is a quick and easy way to improve SEO and get more enquiries.

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