How to Promote YouTube Video More Effectively

What is Pubble YouTube screengrabYouTube SEO: How to Increase Views on YouTube

When we spend a lot of time and effort on creating a video we want it to get a lot of views.  So it is essential that when people see the video on our website they instinctively understand what it is about and want to click on it.

We need to SEO our YouTube videos and here is one of a dozen or more things you need to do.

Unfortunately the picture that YouTube select as the promo screen isn’t always descriptive of the video.  When setting up the front promo screen YouTube provides three screen grabs from the video to choose from.  Usually none of them are ideal as they are literally screen grabs taken at random.

How to improve your YouTube viewingsBut we get another choice.  

If you look at the picture on the right you’ll see a total of four pictures to choose from (the thumbnail pics on the right).  The one at the top is a text screen .. totally unsuitable as the test is very small. The second and third are screen grabs that only show pictures, so don’t really  have the hook needed to pull people in … but the fourth one has a short “headline” that promises help.  It says “Getting Your Business in the Press, Newspapers and Magazines”.

The fourth option has been created in PowerPoint and uploaded in to the system independent of what is in the video.

How To Upload Promo Thumbnails in YouTube

YouTube provide a “Upload alternative” feature, complete with a browse feature you just select a picture from your computer and upload in in seconds.  You can change this picture later if you wish … split testing it maybe with another call to action.  For example I don’t think my headline is good enough and I’m now looking at changing the copy in this picture to “How to Get in the Media: Newspapers, Magazines and Radio”

One last tip.  The message you give on this screen should link with the keywords you have selected to promote your video.  This is the same principle as used in SEO for a web page where there needs to consistency of theme and promise.  Searchers on YouTube want to see a screen that delivers on the keywords they have searched for and this is your chance to deliver on that.