How to produce quick graphics .. with no graphics expertise.

old leather book graphic If you ever need to produce a cover for a virtual product it can take ages.  you need to produce an idea, brief the graphics people, they produce a draft, you make changes .. .. it can go backwards and forwards for hours or even longer.


BoxShotKing is a bit of software that does it all for you in moments without the pain and time delays.  It will produce pictures of anything from a leather book to a CD or video sleeve from templates or your own pictures or copy and is quick and intuitive to use.

The software is produced by Jack Born (Perry Marshall’s marketing manager  … If you don’t recognise the name you haven’t read the definitive Adwords book).  Jack is one of my colleague from the US and is a software developer that I recognise as really knowing what he is doing.

I recommend this software .. go to

PS I’m not on commission .. but if a handful of people want this software I can arrange a discount ..let me know.