How to Prioritise Your Workload

Where do your priorities lie? Too much work? Prioritise it.

When the Olympic rowing team were preparing for competition they faced the priorities question many times. They had a very simple answer, that applies equally to Providers.

They recognised that they had one aim; to row faster than every other team. If they could do this they would win Gold. So their priorities were always addressed with the question, “Will it make the boat go faster?”.

Providers Priorities

In terms of providers priorities, to win it will be necessary to either address the the imperatives contained in their business and or marketing plans and strategies.

For example your marketing or business campaign’s objectives might something like, to run a workshop or conference in the local area that attracts 55 dental professionals.  Or it might be to recruit 50 apprentices for the rail or aerospace industry.

Of course when things are going wrong the priority is to stop the boat sinking !

So the question to ask when establishing priorities is, does it satisfy any, or all, of the criteria you have set.  And if you have several actions you could take which would satisfy your “going faster” objective which one would do it best?  That, subject to your criteria,  is the one to use.

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