How To Prevent Distractions

How to Prevent Distractions and Stay FocusedPrevent Distractions & Improve

Your Focus 

We all need to prevent distractions and sharpen our focus from time to time.  Distractions like email and social media are all around us and we need to stay sharp if we are to accomplish a days work.

If you are like me you will find it very easy to just check your emails when you are half way through a job.  Writing a short post like this ought to take minutes but can easily stretch into an hour if I get distracted.

Staying motivated is hard when the task is boring and not even that easy when the task is one we enjoy.  The reason?  We all have short attention spans and soon get distracted.

The Cure That Prevents Distraction

I could say will power is the perfect cure.  But for most of us it doesn’t work that well until we have reinforced the process. One thing I found helped me was to run a timer and not to change tasks until I’d completed it or the timer sounded. I started with 20 mins on the timer and found that even that short time helped a lot.  Then I increased the time to 30-40 minutes.

My most productive length of time on a single task is about 50 minutes.  After that i take 5-10 minutes break; ideally stretching my legs, and then get back to the task in hand. After two work sessions I “reward” myself with a coffee break. You might choose some other reward.

I find this technique a great way to avoid distractions and get the work done faster than ever before.

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