How to Optimise Your YouTube Channel

There are countless numbers of people producing videos, putting them on YouTube and then sitting back.  The reality is that if all you do is put a video on YouTube and embed it on your website you are missing out big time.

YouTube videos are now included in the standard Google search.  As mentioned in Recruitment Secrets, if you look for a topic like How to operate a cross cut radial saw you are likely to see a video featured in the results (when I searched for this topic I found a Warwickshire College video).

Being found in a Google search can greatly increase the number of people that see your video .. it will even be seen by people that have never heard of your organisation!  that means more web traffic and more chances to sell courses.

The chances of being found are greatly improved if you optimise your YouTube channel.  This is true both for searches within YouTube and in the Google search engine.

Here are some simple tips that will help you optimise your YouTube Channel and individual videos.  

1. The first thing to understand is that the number of views you have does NOT push you up the rankings automatically.  Google is clever and now measures more than someone starting to view a video.  It recognises that a lot of videos don’t get viewed to the end because they are not relevant.  People either decide the content isn’t what they want or that the whole video is rubbish … there is a lot of rubbish out there.    So it is interested in the number of minutesd viewing .. that is the figure they show in the stats .. but iof course what it si really interested in is the % of videos viewed to the end .. or a significant point in the video.  It can recognise a significant point as being where the end credits or sales patter comes in!  Remember Google uses voice recognition software so can “read” what you say in your video.  It can also recognise music and will ask if you have a licence to use it on some occasions (it takes a split second to do so as your video is uploaded).

2. Your YouTube channel name is also of great importance.  It needs to reflect what you are about and contain relevant keywords where possible.   That means you probably need more than one channel.  If you mix everything you do in one channel ..e.g. apprenticeships, evening classes, HSE courses etc etc there si no real focus. Put all your construction courses in one channel and give that channel a name with the word construction in it and you have taken a huge leap up the  rankings table.

One note of caution here.  Once you set a channel name you cannot change it.  So get it right first time.  Another point on this is that if you decide to start a new channel and move your videos to it they will not take their “ranking” with them .. you have to start again.  So take care with this.

3. The next thing to consider is the name of your video.  Calling it provider video 27 is a bad idea.  Call it “how to use a radial cross cut saw” and you are on the way to success. People search using keywords and you need to include them in your title.  So do some research on this before you name your video.  What terms do people use  and how can you use this to produce a meaningful title.  use a keyword tool to get the best ideas of traffic volumes.

4. Now you need to think about the keywords you add to your video.  Google don’t use keywords in ranking webpages but does to rank videos.  Again use a keyword tool to discover the best.  Adding keywords is easy these days.  Until a few months ago it was necessary to separate them with “quotes” and a lot of people missed this up.  Google now uses simple comma separation to achieve the same end.

YouTube video desriptions should be concise 5.  Video descriptions are also crucial.  You have a lot of space to write these but remember only the first only the first 2-3 lines are shown in the snippet.  so make this meaningful, describe what the video is about, ensure you include your majo0r keywords and also include a clickable link to a relevant webpage.  OK there isn’t  lot of space but is is doable and makes a huge difference.     the link is especially useful if you want to take the viewer to a “sales” page or give them more information.