How to Market a College Restaurant To Boost Profits & Recruitment

How to Market a College Restaurant Marketing a College Restaurant: This is Often Low Down on the Priority List in Many Colleges. But When You Effectively Promote the College Restaurant The ROI is Huge

To simplify the college restaurant marketing process I use  simple templates to determine answers to a series of questions that lead towards the marketing plan. The templates vary from college to college but you’ll get a feel of what I’m looking for from these typical questions. See Below ….

How To Market a College Restaurant: Restaurant & Local Background

  1. Why market the college restaurant?
  2. The restaurant theme .. is there one? Should there be one? 
  3. Why do people eat out?
  4. Alternatives to eating out
  5. Who are your customers? Think Customer Profiling
  6. Do have a good business name for the restaurant?
  7. Why do customers choose a restaurant over a burger bar or chip shop?
  8. Why do people eat at your restaurant?
  9. What influences their choice of restaurant?
  10. How do you currently promote/market the restaurant?
  11. What are the public’s key concerns when eating out?

Defining a College Restaurant Experience

  1. What is the customer experience at your restaurant? From car parking to food & service
  2. How could the experience be improved?
  3. Booking: is it easy? Phones, email, websites, booking apps?
  4. On arrival what is the greeting like?
  5. During service how attentive and effective are staff?
  6. Menu: how easy to read, see prices and choose drinks it it? 
  7. On paying / leaving whats the customer experience like? 
  8. Do you data capture before they leave?
  9. Taxis: can they order one via you? 
  10. What makes money at your restaurant? 
  11. Local Foods: do you feature them? Are staff knowledgeable? 
  12. Website: How easy is it to find the restaurant and book?
  13. Space utilisation: Do you make good use of space?
  14. Are your toilets spotless?


How To Market a College Restaurant .. the Marketing Plan 

  1. Capture contact details of all diners
  2. Send a “Thank you for dinning with us” message
  3. Produce recipe cards and give them away with the bill
  4. Get recipes in local paper and magazines
  5. Send interesting tips, recipes and advice via email and social media 
  6. Post recipes and newsletter content on your website
  7. Use social media to promote and drive customers to website .. to book a meal or course
  8. Host a pudding event ..  Or celebrate local produce such as cheeses, pies, game, fish, wine etc. 
  9. Have a campaign to protect local dishes that are dying out
  10. Protect the Chef campaign .. fits with potential Brexit of European chefs and the apprenticeship agenda
  11. Get Students and Customers Involved
  12. Involve the industry
  13. Giveaway samples on local streets and at events
  14. Produce simple video tips on cooking and related topics.
  15. There are of course hundreds of other things you can do to promote and market the restaurant and courses.

For more info on College Restaurant Marketing or a  full restaurant marketing audit give me a ring on 0904 897 929 or email me on StefanDrew (AT)

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