How to Let Prospective Students Test Drive Your College

You wouldn’t buy a car without a test drive .. so why expect students to sign away years of their life without test driving your college?

Of course there are several ways to “test drive” a college.  Open Days and Taster courses are well tested and, when run well, really do convince students of the worth of a course.

But what if the prospective student can’t attend? Or maybe they are not that far down the buying pathway yet.  Maybe they need a bit more information before they will visit you.

Well one way is to personally answer their questions  without either of you leaving your desk.

Run a online Q/A session direct from your website. Let prospective students post their questions during a promoted time slot at an Ask the Lecturer online event.  

I’ve invited my colleague, Ross Good, to explain how institutions are using this technology to boost engagement.  The institution he profiles has now run four such events .. and they have proved very successful.

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