How To Attract Attention on Websites and Blogs

Moving images attract attention to our websites and blogs As a hunter gatherer species we are programmed to notice movement and that has a fundamental impact on our business marketing.

Of course there are hundreds of things that you can do to attract attention on websites,  blogs and adverts but I want to focus on just one that will make your post stand out from all the others.

Say I want to attract people to an equine course ….. a galloping horse will grab the attention of people with an interest in horses.  It doesn’t even have to be a perfect image.

Can I Guarantee it Will Work?

Of course there is still no guarantee that they will read or respond to your post .. that will depend on your skill in writing a good headline and an interesting post.  But it is possible to make your post stand out from the crowd.

The normal way to do this is to add an eye-catching image to your post.  This works extremely well where few of the other posts have good images .. or any images at all.

In a world where people are catching on to the value of images you really need to up your game even further.  The answer is to add movement to your image


Our Biology is Attuned to Movement

Add a simple gif image and you now have movement in your image and the human brain responds to it.

In fact it isn’t just scenes that are related to our hunter gatherer background .. like the animal above.  Any movement works.

Demonstrate your offer, on your website, with an animated image. So if you are trying to promote a sculpture course why not “demonstrate” your course with a character sculpting a figure from a large piece of stone?  It will attract the attention of those with an interest in the topic .. as well as many other people.




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