How Social Media Can Impair Your Career Prospects

Social media and your CV

Social Media & Your Job Application

A friend of mine is a Head of HR in a large college.

He oversees the recruitment of a lot of people each year.

At the last staff training session he taught all his staff how to screen applicants social media profiles against their CV.  All his staff now look at the applicant’s LinkedIn profile to verify dates, roles etc.  Then they cross check against Facebook.

He isn’t worried if someone has an incomplete LinkedIn profile .. or doesn’t have one at all.  But he does worry if there are significant differences between the CV and LinkedIn profile.

He is also trying to determine what the applicant’s like and interests are.  Facebook gives an idea of this as things like groups, music, books and places can be seen.  Most revealing are the photos …… they can create a powerful first impression.

What first impression would they get if they looked at your LinkedIn or Facebook page?  Hopefully it is great.  If not, it might not override what they read on your CV .. but would you like to take that risk?