How Can FE Providers Balance Their Budgets?

Cookery Courses could help FE  beat the budget downturnMy recent article on FE News had the phone ringing and was shared over fifty times.  In it I said that FE needs to rethink their business model and offer people what they wanted rather than what providers thought was needed.

I agreed that qualifications were important but suggested that not everyone wants a qual.  Some people just want to be able to apply new skills very quickly and others were looking for  a leisure experience.

I provided three examples of FE businesses that were thriving and had no government funding and no Inspection hassles.

One was a cookery school that operates 360 days a year.  Another was in horticulture/gardening and the third offered CIPS, CIM and other accredited courses but owned no campus.

Those with a view of marketing that focuses on the provision of information about the product FE offers will wonder what this has to do with their world of marketing.  Well, if your view of marketing is just adverts and a prospectus then nothing.

But if your view of marketing and business development includes market research and product development as part of the marketing process then it will make interesting reading for you.  It is certainly a great way to make the budget go further and move forward without Ofsted!

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