How Bots Can Improve Website Design

how bots improve website design Chatlines and Chatbots Can Provide Data Capable of Being Used to Improve Website Design

We all plan for our website to be perfect. But perfection is hard to attain and the best we can often hope for is a high quality site that answers all the questions we expect out target audience to ask.

But sadly we often miss essential questions. Especially those seasonal questions that come through by phone or chatline, but otherwise get missed.

How Questions Improve Website Design

If you take all the questions you are asked in a week or month (download them from your chatbot into a spreadsheet is a good idea). Then analyse them you will see certain trends developing.

In August or September you might get a sudden flurry of questions about term start dates. this might indicate that you have a  communications problem. Maybe your joining instructions aren’t clear. Or maybe the enquirer can’t find the information on your website (even if it is there it might be hard to find).

Whatever the reason you can now consider how this influences your website design. You might choose to put a section on the home page during this period of time. It might be you add a FAQ section to the site. You might link these two together.

You might even decide to put this info onto every course page. Maybe as an element of the course info or as a separate button.

What ever you do use the info to consider the best way(s) to handle the lack of communications that is clearly going on.

Other Sources of  Information to Improve Website Design

It’s not just queries coming in on your web chat or by phone that should be used to alert you to issues. Look at your social media feedback and questions. They are also possible sources of information.

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