How to Get High Value Clients

How to Win High Value ClientsI Know Several Ways to Acquire New High Value Clients .. But Only One of Them Works

I’m not talking about acquiring students or low value commercial business. I mean the high value clients that bring in five or six figure sums.

The businesses that pay big money.

High Value Clients May Come From ..

  1. Advertising
  2. Old Boy Network or Networking
  3. Website Traffic
  4. Social Media
  5. But They Don’t  …. There is Another Source of High Value Clients

Every high value client I’ve ever worked with has come from a conversation.

It doesn’t matter how many people see your adverts on social media or in magazines etc. It doesn’t matter how many visit your website.

What really matters is how many you actually talk in-depth to. I don’t mean just passing the time of day, I mean in-depth conversations where their needs and wants are examined and you negotiate a deal.

Most Suppliers Refuse To Talk To Prospects & Clients

Whenever I phone a prospective supplier these days I get an automated phone system. That tells me that the people at the other end don’t want to speak to me.

Some of these automated systems advise us to go to their website. If that was good enough why do they think I’m phoning? I can’t get the answer on their website.

Even if I do get through its likely I’l get stopped by a gatekeeper. Or someone in a call centre that tells me that the person I wish to speak to doesn’t have a telephone (really, how stupid do you think I am?).

OK, so there’s a time to use automated systems and ever AI to answer or screen calls. But it isn’t with high value prospects.

Technology in the Right Place

I love technology. It saves time and is often very efficient. We do need to use it. But not with high worth clients.

With these people our ads, social media and websites should provide a direct line number to someone that is there to ensure we get the calls .. or arrange a time for us to speak to the caller if we are in a meeting or travelling. And that doesn’t mean arrange a time for them to phone back. It means we will phone them at their convenience .. even if they are international callers and it means calling at night! For 5-6 figure prospects we have to be prepared to do that.

All our marketing strategies and tactics should have just one objective when we are after  high value clients. We need to get them in a conversation.

Remember: High Value Clients Come from Conversations

PS I’ll explain some perfect ways to get the undivided attention of these people .. where no one will interrupt you for at least an hour .. in  a future post.

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