SEO: Can SEO Experts Guarantee Page One of Google?

Can Anyone Guarantee Getting you On Page One of Google? How easy is it to get on Page One of Google?Can Anyone Guarantee Getting You On Page One of Google?

That’s the question that James asked me. He asked having heard a SEO company were making such a  guarantee and he wanted my view on whether this was a credible situation. So Can Anyone Guarantee Page One of Google?

The answer is if you give me £1000 I will guarantee you a position on Page One of Google within the hour. But I have to say this is a poor offer as all I’ll do is write a Google Adwords ad and make my bid higher than anyone else.

Bid Just High Enough

So if the cost of getting a Google Ad on page one is currently 50p, I’ll bid 51p and make a whacking profit of nearly £1000 for a few minutes work.

Of course I’m only bidding a total of 51p so your £1000 will get you just one click to your website .. and is a total waste of money.

But I’ve satisfied your question James. It can be done and I’m willing to guarantee my work. Even if I have to bid £100 for a click I still stand to make a lot of money.  Ohhhhh and of course the deal was that I get you on Page One so I might take down the advert before you get a click .. but a deal is a deal isn’t it.

Paid For Clicks or Organic Position Guarantees? 

The real deal is if someone were to guarantee a place in the organic listings on Google. These are the places you can’t get by paying money. They are the results of having a good page full of great content, the sort searchers want.

These are the positions in the Google search that persist and don’t get turned off when the budget runs out. Of course there are no guarantees and you need to do more than just write great copy.  But the quality of the content helps a lot.

The other factors that  you high in the search rankings are many and various. They include things like good meta tags, fast loading pages and the length of time people spend on the page. This is known as dwell time and I have one page on my site whee the average dwell time is 19 minutes.  This is a significant factor in the results I’ll attempt to demonstrate later. But in reality there are over 200 factors in the Google search algorithm and Google claim they make 1000+ changes to the algorithm each year. So it is impossible to keep up to date on them, and of course Google never divulge their secrets anyway.

The main way to try to understand the algorithm is to understand it focuses on User Experience (UX). If something provides or is the result of a positive experience it will have a positive impact and most likely you will benefit from it. For example a dwell time of 19 minutes is very high and signals that people are spending a lot of time on the page .. bad pages have dwell times of a few seconds. Google notices this and rewards good signals.

Before you spend time trying to get your page way up the search results you need to be sure you have been indexed by Google. If you aren’t in the index you are never going to get on page one.

Google only indexes pages it can find and where the meta data says the page should be indexed. To find the page it needs to be linked to another indexed page or have a link to it from a social media post or similar. So posting the page on Facebook is a great way to tell Google it exists. But don’t rely on that one signal .. give several and include the page on the site index.

How Long Does It Take For Google to Index a Web Page?

James is aware of a experiment I made some years ago .. in fact he instigated it. In this experiment I was challenged to quickly get a page indexed by Google. SEO experts were claiming it took weeks to get indexed and up the search results (SERPS). It did take weeks in Bing .. but in worked in Google in minutes.  You can see the post here ..  How Quickly Can A New Page Appear in the Google Search Results.


Are Your Webpages Indexed?

To check if your pages are being indexed search Google for        site://

Obviously you need to substitute my website url for your own  OR a competitor if you want to see what they have on their site.

site:// AND restaurant  … would provide a list of pages on my site with the word restaurant in them.  This is a powerful tool.

Assuming you are indexed the next job is to see where you are in the index. Do the Google search and scroll down the pages until you find your page. If you are in the first three pages then getting to page one is relatively simple in most cases. If you are beyond page 3 then you have a bigger challenge.


Putting My Neck on the Block

So I’ve previously shown it is possible to get a page indexed in minutes and get to the top of the search results. But that was a very specific page with few competitors.

Is it possible to get on page one for a more generic term?

This is where I put my head on the block and show how easy .. or hard it is.

Google remembers your previous search experience and if you have clicked on a link previously it will push it up the results. So the results I see are biased by my previous history. So if I show you my results they are going to be brilliant (beware SEO experts that use this trick).

Everyone of us will see different results for the same search. Remember that. It is important.

Now lets put my neck truly on the block. Go to Google and search for … How to market a restaurant

This is a very generic term and there are millions of pages that are indexed. If I can get on page one of Google for this it will be a miracle. As I’m based in the UK those searching are more likely to find me. But when I did the search a few minutes ago there were 75 million indexed pages. So I’ll not hang my head in shame if no one finds me.

An alternative phrase to search would be  … What are the three types of advertising?

This phrase seems to work quite well for me as well and brings in a lot of traffic from places like India, Australia etc.

If you see this post via Facebook or LinkedIn Please Post Your Results Below .. it’ll be good to see if anyone sees a page on my website on page one. If you do, please say where you are searching from and which version of Google you are using.   E.g., etc.

how to market a restaurant on

Click to enlarge

I tried the restaurant search for the first time ever on several foreign Google sites and found some interesting results on various Google national sites ….. see the screengrab from the French version of Google opposite.

Please feel free to leave comments if you see this page via Facebook, LinkedIn etc. It will be interesting to hear what results you get from various Google platforms. If you can say if, or whatever, we can all learn more.

Guarantee Page One of Google?

The results you give will answer James’ question.

PS There are some superb SEOs in the world.  The trick is finding them.

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