How Grow Employer Engagement with Automated Systems

How to automate employer engagement People crave useful information but hate spam

This simple fact means that keeping in regular contact with people, especially busy employers, is much easier than many people think.

All you need to do is to send them regular emails packed full of really good advice that is of specific interest to them.  This sounds time consuming, but it really isn’t if you use an Autoresponder.

An Autoresponder is what your email uses to send an “out of office” message. It responds to an incoming email. Or in this case someone signing up to a newsletter. It then sends out a message, either at a predetermined time or whenever you prompt it to.

Sequencing Your Employer Engagement

So if you automate a sequence of emails this is hugely useful to subscribers and is relatively quick and easy for you to set up. It doesn’t matter how many people subscribe the system takes care of them 24/7.

Autoresponder sequences  let you quickly nurture relationships with new subscribers to your emails. Better still, since you use the same sequence for each new subscriber, everyone who joins can get your very best material. You therefore maximise your chances of turning them into a paying client.  The secret lies in the quality of the help and advice you offer.

There are hundreds of Autoresponder systems available.  Costs are based on usage or numbers of people signed up.  There are pros and cons to each system and I’m happy to advise on what might work best in your circumstances.

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