Google v Bing Places for Business

Bing Places for College & Trainer Marketing Ltd If you’ve ever attended one of my training days or heard me speak at a conference you’ll know I’m passionate about free marketing techniques and things like Google Places.


Google Places or Google Places for Business has been around for years and are a way to get your establishment on a Google Map, in Google searches and to even appear as a free “advert” on SatNav systems  like TomTom.

As it has always been free to neglect this is marketing negligence!  My client colleges use it to promote their gyms, salons, restaurants and campus locations in a variety of ways  and it works day after day for years without any effort on their part.   They can even offer vouchers via the system and drum up more business that way.


Now BING wants a bit of the action

Google Places has been envied by Bing for years.  So much so that they brought out a similar system in the US.  It has worked so well it is now being rolled out in the UK.   So don’t be negligent.  Register on Bing Places for Business today and get your establishment on the map at nil cost.