Coffee Gets Additional Business

Hfree coffee is a way to build relationships ow Often Do Your Clients Become Past Memories? 

For example you might have had students from a particular business for years and then they suddenly stop enrolling one year. Or maybe a school was an excellent feeder for years and then started to tail off. The answer could be coffee!

The schools issue is not so common with most providers as they often have a dedicated schools liaison person.  And that fact indicates the problem with the former. You see if no one is tasked with keeping in touch with current customers they soon get forgotten.  It isn’t enough to think that your courses are great and they will keep on coming.  All it takes is for a competitor to appear and woo them away from you.

But if you keep in touch with them on  a regular basis then they are far less likely to disappear. Ideally you should be sending them some useful snippets of info, or some top tips relevant to them, on  a regular basis.

But the other way is to just arrange to meet them for a coffee from time to time. Use it to update them on the success of their past pupils or ask about the progress of someone they previously sent you. Show interest like this and they will keep you in mind when someone else approaches them and will likely stay loyal.

Free Coffee

If you are genuinely too busy to go and see them there is another way to keep front of mind.  Send them a coffee voucher for use on your premises, with a reminder that a past pupil of theirs is doing well, and suggesting they arrange to meet them for a catch up.

And for employers there is a variation on this theme.  Get employers to visit your premises by giving away free coffee vouchers with the suggestion they might like to hold a meeting in your coffee shop.  If you don’t have a coffee shop send vouchers for a local coffee chain.  They will think of you when drinking coffee and being front of mind is essential to getting repeat business.


Setting Reminders

To ensure you don’t forget anyone put a recurring reminder in your diary for say every 4 months .. or use the reminder function in LinkedIn for the same purpose.




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