Risk Management, FHE Websites/Databases at Risk

Risk Management from IT Crash, Server Problems and Wasted Websites Risk Management: Unseen Risks in Your Department Could Crash The Organisation.

Imagine the scene.  Late Friday night your servers go down.  No one notices and  even if they did the premises are locked and no one can get in to repair the problem.

On Monday someone spots the problem but it is impossible to remedy the fault as your IT server back up has failed.

You no longer have a website .. the MIS system has also packed up .. and you can’t access any of your files.  In fact the total IT system has collapsed and can’t be repaired.

So the organisation closes down and you are left without a job!

Risk Management

Far fetched?


I’ve recently surveyed a lot of providers and this scenario is possible in many of them.

In my latest FE News article I highlight some of the reasons this can happen and how to prevent it happening to you.

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