FE Video Myths

Do you use YouTube: YouTube tips Here are a few of the MYTHS that stop far too many people using video to market their offer …


Myth 1.  You have to be in front of the camera!

No. you don’t even need a video camera in some instances.
There are several ways you can use stills, or video creation software to create videos direct from your screen.  

Of course you can use expensive video cameras .. or even low cost mobile phones to make videos .. but but isn’t strictly necessary


Myth2. It Takes TOO MUCH Time!

Not so long as you think.   Does “video” take longer than posting a tweet or updating a Facebook advert?


But can a single video, well optimised in YouTube (and therefore on Google), getting views and leads every day for years to come, yield better results than that tweet?


Video DOES take time (but not as much as you might think).  But when done properly, the ROI is worth the time investment.

Anyway why are you making videos .. haven’t you students that can make videos for you?

Myth 3. It’s far TOO Technical for me!

This is probably wrong.  In fact if you can use the cut and paste function in Word you can make a video.  

Although most people think making a video means hours of editing and learning how to use expensive camera equipment it’s NOT TRUE!

Of course if you want to make a Hollywood Blockbuster that’s different.  But with the basic  tools I recommend you can make SIMPLE videos that are really effective.

I recommend you look at Video Scribe for a programme that makes video from text and line drawings.   You can also use Live Movie Maker to turn stills into video .. LMM is a free programme from Microsoft and is probably loaded on your PC or laptop.

Both programmes allow you to upload video to YouTube.