Generating Income, FE Space Utilisation & Pop Up Restaurants

Pop Up Restaurants Make MoneyGenerating More Income in FE isn’t Always Easy

…. but that is usually due to our mindset.

One major asset we have is space .. and it is worth money but not if we think about it in the wrong way.

You see we think about space in terms of how we would normally use it and can’t see beyond this.

But turn your thoughts upside down and look at the space in a different way.

The space doesn’t need using for its original purpose.  It’s just space and can be used for a myriad of purposes.

Link your space to a local or national event and marvelous things happen.

So in FE we can use our space to do things like create pop up restaurants linked with these events.  Themed pop up restaurants attract huge numbers if marketed correctly.  Think theme and the type of people that are attracted to that theme.  Those people interested in poetry and steam engines are  necessarily going to be the same and you will need to make to them in a different way.  But bring in an after dinner speaker for either topic and you have the beginnings of a themed dinner.


Suitable Themes for Pop Up Restaurants

Well it isn’t just about food of course.  Pop ups can revolve around any theme.  Think as diverse as events like the Weymouth Kite festival, it attracts 40,000 people; or go animal related and think about Badminton Horse Trials, Crufts Windsor Horse Show  .. it really depends where your space is.

Of maybe your area hosts a literary festival or antiques fair or a folk festival.  There are literally thousands of events that can trigger a themed pop up restaurant.


We Don’t Have a Kitchen 

I suggested this income generation idea to one provider recently and they said it wouldn’t work as they didn’t have a kitchen.

You don’t need a kitchen.

That’s the point. This is a pop up kitchen.  Mobile kitchens are brought in.  Think about bars at outdoor events .. sometimes in muddy fields.  They don’t have built in bars in muddy fields but that doesn’t stop them.  They build a bar .. or erect a trestle table that serves just as  well. Outdoor catering is all about creating what you need and making a profit from it.


We Don’t Have the Staff or Expertise 

A good point .. but you don’t need them.  It’s great if you can do it all yourself and take all proceeds.  But the alternative is to let the space to someone else. This decreases profits but there is still a margin to be made.  Plus you can probably tap into the event and promote your offer anyway.


Best Sellers, Local Pubs, Art Exhibitions and Wine Merchants 

Lots of other people can be involved in your pop up restaurant.  Do you have an Alumni that has written a best seller or  is now a TV presenter?  They could be part of your theme.  Maybe you partner with a local pub or brewery yo make this a celebration of local brewing … a sort of beer/food matching event .. or maybe the wine merchants or local vineyard get involved.

Are these ideas the product of a wild imagination?  No.  Each of the above match a provider I know well and these ideas have legs!  They can easily run in most organisations.  For example I know one provider that has no fewer than two TV gardeners/authors on their alumni, one college has its own vineyard and many GFEs run regular art exhibitions that feature, students, staff and alumni.



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