FE Google Analytics Workshop – Specifically for Providers

Google analytics workshopWith Google Analytics you can evidence that your marketing budget is money well spent.  Demonstrate how effective your marketing is, spot what isn’t working and take strategic action where needed.

For years marketing was hit and miss.  As professionals we had an inkling what was working but very little evidence to share that proved it.  Well, the marketing world has changed.

Google Analytics provides providers with huge quantities of data on every aspect of our marketing.  It can even provide evidence about our off line marketing and we can track our website visitors in great detail.  Now you can know how many people click on the banner ad on your local papers website or how many people come from Hotcourses.  even more important you can see how many of them follow your call to action to and apply for a course, download a prospectus or sign up for an Open Evening.  Quite simply you can measure, to several decimal places, every aspect of your marketing and evidence your return on investment (ROI).

The only challenge you now have is understanding all that data.  This is where my colleague, Vernon Riley, and I come in.  We can help you set up Analytics properly, decipher the data and drive numbers up .. often with a smaller budget.

I’ve several decades of provider marketing experience and Vernon is a Google Analytics professional.  Together we can ensure you harness the power of the web to really maximise your time and effort.

Put quite simply.  We give you the tools to ensure you and your team are appreciated by your organisation.


Google Analytics Workshop Outcomes

We help you: –

  • Link your organisation’s strategic plan to your overall marketing plan and more specifically your digital marketing and website
  • Measure the audience reaction to each marketing pound spent; so you get the maximum benefit from your budget
  • Discover the customer journey leaks through which people “who nearly applied” disappear and ruin your recruitment numbers and return on investment
  • Unearth previously hidden opportunities by looking “sideways and backwards”  at the huge quantities of hidden data you probably didn’t know was in your website’s data
  • Find the golden nuggets information in the oceans of data gathered by Google Analytics?
  • Accurately track the effects of local advertising campaigns
  • Ensure your navigation is secure and is able to generate the results you, and the senior management team, want.

In smart hands the impact of better measurement is huge. It’s like you’ve got extra people. Wasted activity can be eliminated and results progressively improved. And this without the headaches that an increasing team size would bring. And the effective budget goes up – because you no longer have to guess at what works.

No longer do you have to waste 50% of your marketing budget because you don’t know which half works.

Get this right and your budget effectively doubles! 

Discover more about Google Analytics for FE courses

Talk to us about your needs or to book a Google Analytics workshop.  Empower your people to drive the results you and senior management want. 

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Customers comments

Fantastic session – invaluable – Michael Bennett, Head of Marketing

When asked what was most useful ….. attendees said

  • The practical parts, looking at dashboard and menus
  • Navigation of Analytics site and knowledge of reports
  • Reporting areas
  • Good broad overview with time for discussion with facilitator and group