Facebook Have Improved Their Advertising Options

Improved Facebook Advertising with Image SlidersFacebook recently changed their advertising to allow you to promote more than one product (course) or key message in one advert.

For example the adverts opposite use different images to promote a series of equine interests and hence key messages.

In the above case we take everyone to the same url but you can just as easily send them to a different url for each advert.  This makes advertising extremely powerful and flexible, especially when linked to the ability to post on different platforms such as desktop, mobile, mobile news feed, …… in fact the options are numerous.

The adverts will self select and show the best performing over time and could be a problem if you want to give each equal prominence.  No doubt eventually FB will add a way of turning this feature off (or perhaps I’ve missed it in the depths of the FB machine!)

This option seems to lend itself to the opportunity to advertise a whole series of courses within a curriculum area.

If you need help with Facebook adverts please give me a call.

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