EventBrite Saves Time and is Free to Use for Provider Open Days & Events

EventBrite is Free For Free Events Using EventBrite is a No-Brainer for Provider Events.

I’m quite surprised how few providers use EventBrite when the benefits are considered.

For me it started with being a queue buster at events.  One of my clients had really long queues at events because they insisted on capturing loads of data on the prospective students.

This created several problems.

The young people felt like they were back art school filling in forms or writing a essay. It created huge queues.   The data took weeks to “process” i.e. type in to a useable form .. and lastly the provider didn’t really make much use of the data provided.

So we moved to Eventbrite which meant we could capture data online BEFORE the event.   Result, no queues.

We also streamlined the data we wanted to capture and made it easier to capture it.

The day before the event an automated reminder was sent to all registered attendees.

On the day we could just tick the attendees at the event off the “class list” EventBrite produces.  Or we could scan the bar code the attendees were sent.  There’s an app for this so any mobile phone can do the job.


More EventBrite Advantages.

The real advantages were realised over the next days.  Firstly we emailed all attendees, thanked them for attending and sent them a pdf of the prospectus.  Plus we asked them to contact us with questions.

Non attendees were sent an email saying we were sorry they missed the event and offering alternatives.  They also got the prospectus pdf.

After that we were able to keep in touch with both groups and keep them informed on anything and everything we wanted to.

EventBrite is an obvious free marketing tool.

Are YOU using it effectively?


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