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How to Deliver ECourses on Your Website?


With Increased Interest in Online Delivery & Especially MOOCS, How Can You Profitably Deliver ECourses on Your Website, Without High Level Technical Skills?

 In 2011 Stanford University launched three online courses.  Each recruited over 100,000 students with one reaching over 160,000 students.  So online delivery will probably grow in the UK as well. This makes MOOCS and other online courses a great way to engage with employers and the public .. not just locally as this can go nationwide or even global.

But …

How Can You Profitably Deliver Online Courses on Your Website?

The answer is to post content on pages  “hidden”  from the search engines but accessible from an autoresponder series that has an integrated online payment system.  This is very low cost and easy to adminsiter.

Here is how it is done.

Write your e-course as a series of webpages and autoresponder email broadcasts.  This will allow anyone that registers for your course to automatically receive the series of email broadcasts independent of when they subscribe.   They’ll get emails, spaced as you decide – perhaps weekly, and can follow the course at their own speed.

This means that a person that signs up “late” can still start at the very beginning of your series without any problems.  This saves you time and hassle.

Instead of having to create a new email every week, you can write your entire course in advance and have it go out as people subscribe.  If you want to change the content to reflect say, new legislation, fact or figures, you can amend the email broadcast or content on the webpage.

Remember content can be anything you want it to be .. written web based copy, downloadable pdfs, video, audio, spreadsheets .. whatever makes sense to the course and can be embedded on your webpage.


Setting up Payment for Online Courses

To enable payment to be made  you now need to enable PayPal or a similar payment provider.

The autoresponder software I personally  use is Aweber and that works with PayPal.  Other systems will vary slightly but here is the basic principle that Aweber uses and the other systems closely follow.

First, set up a subscription in PayPal for your e-course – follow the instructions provided, it is quite simple.   You’ll be provided with a a subscription or register button to put on your website, that people can click to register and pay for your course.

Then use the provided app to set up payment and registration for your ecourse – again just follow the simple to follow instructions.

The app lets you choose a specific list to add people to once PayPal processes their payment – this is where that separate e-course list comes in handy!  It also allows for easy upselling once they complete the course.


Create a Sales Page for Your Ecourse

Now produce a webpage that focuses on the ecourse, and use the subscription registration button that PayPal provided as your Call to Action .

The first time I tried this I managed to set up the payment page, set up the course with my autoresponder and register with PayPal in less than an hour .. it’ll be even quicker next time!

Will you get 100,000 recruited to your course .. that depends on your content and marketing.

It really is that simple.