Don’t be Ashamed of Selling to Employers

Make sales, don't push impossible ideas up hill On July 1st I chaired the Apprenticeships for England Employer Engagement Event in Peterborough. It was a day of 10 minute presentations followed by debate, comment and discussion from the audience.


One idea put forward is that employers live in a world where sales is not a dirty word. It is what many of them do for a living. So we shouldn’t be ashamed of “selling” apprenticeships and we should stop trying to dress it up as something else.

My view, as an SME myself, is that most approaches to me from FE that start with what the college does and what it can do for me rather than asking me about my business and what I need to help me run it more cost effectively and profitably are a real turn off.

Ask me those questions, and provide me with solution,s and you’ll likely make a sale to me. But keep dressing it up with your targets and what you want to offer and I, and most SMEs, will turn off and walk away.

Selling what people want is much easier than pushing the courses you have targets for upill.

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