Do Your Website Visitors Experience This?

Is your Online Student Application slick .. or a bit like the video below portrays? Just how bad can it be?

Do Employers leave your site in frustration BEFORE they contact your Business Development Team, enquire about courses or buy online courses?

This is Google Analytics in Real Life .. just as it happens on your website.

We work hard to get people to our websites but do visitors then experience what this funny video from Google portrays? You will undoubtedly recognise the experience from your own online attempts to get information of buy from a website … and the analogy Google demonstrates will make you smile, maybe even laugh.

But would you be amused if you could see how many people are getting similar experiences on your website?

By using Google Analytics you can determine how serious a problem you have with “Online Checkout Problems” but to be able to really plumb the depths of the problem and to get the workable solutions you need to talk to an expert. My colleague Vernon Riley is a Google certified Analytics professional and I have over 30 years of FE experience. So talk to us now about how to overcome website problems. It costs nothing to talk.