Do You Have the Right Mindset for Success?

Adopt the right mindset and your career could fly highTake Control of Your Work & Career.

Working in education can be quite draining.  There is always another government initiative or an Inspection looming and it is easy to lose your enthusiasm.

It is easy to sit back and think “it’ll be better once September is here” or “we will muddle through”.

Perhaps it will .. but it is a passive way to live.  If  you let this dominate your thinking you are unlikely to succeed at much in life.  So why aren’t you a high flyer?

Success is a s much a mindset as anything else.  We all need to think positive and practice our skills regularly.  Your life isn’t go to be a success due to luck .. except Gary player who realised that the more he practiced the luckier he got!

I once had the “luck” to meet a SAS officer.  The SAS are the elite military force bar none.  This guy had been the siege negotiator at a very high profile terrorist incident that had been televised worldwide.  He’d also spent over 20 years on operational duty in most of the world’s trouble spots … and a few places that you and I have never heard of.

I asked him how he knew what to do as the situation rapidly changed and he pointed out a simple truth.  He told me that everyone that performs at elite level have something in common.  They now what they need to do to win and have practiced, or rehearsed every eventuality in their mind, hundreds of times.  He told me that elite sportspeople practice six days a week for a reason.  That they visualised winning in their minds for weeks and as they approached the start line.

He told me the SAS practice existing and new techniques and skills until they become second nature and until the right action becomes a reflex that occurs without effort.

Most of all he said that you have to know when to be patient and wait for developments .. but that when it is time to to succeed you have to take action.

So if you are a passive type, if your career is going nowhere, if success eludes you you need to change your mindset. You need to see the winning line, understand what is needed, practice it daily and take action.

The only thing that is holding you back is your mindset.

Are you learning something new every day?

Are you learning about and trying new techniques or strategies every day.  Do you practice at an elite level?

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