Do You Ever Wonder WHY?

Why do people buy in to your ideas and do busiens swith you rather than your competitors? Why, How? What?

Three questions that are often posed.  But your customers only buy in to one of these questions.

So you have the best and biggest portfolio of courses in the region.  You also have “state of the art” facilities .

So clearly you should be the natural choice for employers and students.  So why do they also flock to your competitors?  Why is it that if when you are good enough to be able to proclaim these “unique selling points” you still don’t attract the lion’s share of students?


No One Knows WHY

Read that headline twice. I don’t mean non one knows why you don’t attract more students.  I mean no one knows why you run courses or do any of the other things you do.

Ask any member of staff, in any type of business,  why they go to work each day and most will say it is a job, we have to hit our numbers  .. or a host of other quite trivial reasons.


History Knows WHY

Take another example.  During the American Civil Rights struggle quite a number of people become civil rights leaders … Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, James L Farmer Jnr, Ella Baker to name but a few.

The all wanted much the same thing ….. voting rights, desegregation, decent housing, respect.  But only one name rose to the very top and is the first name we all think of today.  His name was Martin Luther King and he wanted the same things as the others but he had something the rest didn’t have.  He had a dream.

All the others had a How and What.  But when you’ve never had civil rights or respect these things are ephemeral; they are hard to grasp and believe in simply because you’ve never personally experienced them.  But everyone had a dream of better times and they could identify with Martin Luther King’s dream.  His dream was the Why.


FE Providers’ Know What and How

Most providers know what they provide and how they provide it.  This is easy to get over to prospective students.  But if they have never experienced this type of thing they will struggle to buy in to it.  They need to know WHY you run courses. They need to share you dream.  A dream they can buy in to.

When we proclaim a huge portfolio of courses that is about us .. not the customer. When all our competitors also claim a wide range of courses the customer sees courses as a commodity they can be bought anywhere.

When colleges, like one near me, have banners on their driveway proclaiming they are a Grade 1 college no one understands or cares.  Especially when so many other providers proclaim their Grade 1, Beacon or whatever status.  In some cases providers shout about being Grade 1 when the reality is they got one Grade 1 and some other indifferent results.  Sadly a Grade 1 for car parks means little to customers .. they don’t even know if car parks are graded and, in many cases, care even less.


What’s Your Dream?

The question is …  Do you have a Dream? Do you really know Why?  Can you and your staff explain Why?


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