Direct From London 2014: Defining Your FHE Strategy

How do you define strategy?London FHE Marketing & Business Development 2014 was a closed door event I recently held for invited guests only.

But there are some topics I wanted to share with you personally.


The first is about Strategy.  This is a word that is often bandied about but rarely understood.   People often show me their business or marketing strategies and they are often weighty tomes.

Often the strategies I’m shown are more like wish list and say things like “We want to be the provider of choice for local SMEs by September 2015”. They then show pages of research that demonstrates the number of SMEs in their area.

Being the provider of choice for SMEs is an admirable objective.  and carrying out SME research is vital.  But although they contribute to the strategy they are not part of it.

Your Strategy should be a brief note on how you will achieve being the provider of choice.  It should be an action plan that leads to your objective.  Nothing more and nothing less.

A good Strategy need only consist of a few lines.   For example if your objective is to market apprenticeships to young people your strategy might be as simple as “use animated videos to promote specific careers on Facebook”.

Is your strategy that succinct?

My RATES Marketing Strategy is a good starting point in at least 95% of FHE marketing situations.

To get a copy of my RATES Strategy template follow the link.

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