Digital Prospectus at #AOCDE13 Websites & More

Does digital mean using  a websiteDoes producing a digital prospectus mean a fancy website?

An effective website is important for all sorts of reasons but not essential when producing a digital prospectus.

Having said that why spoil your marketing with a poor quality website?

The thing is you need a website that is responsive to mobile applications, is able to carry video and all the other material you need to throw at it and is also easy to update anyway; so why do less.

In this ideal world you will host all your course information on the website.  If you’ve planned well this will also be the repository of information that drives all the other IT systems in the College that need course information.  you aren’t using several systems that don’t talk to one another are you?

But if you don’t yet have a super website .. and lots of colleges don’t.  You can still go digital with your prospectus as the next in this series of posts will show.