Data Wins Contracts and Budgets

Budgets are tight and Finance Directors are demanding evidence
before awarding contracts or budgets.

Internally you might find yourself having to justify existing budgets whilst externally getting that vital contract now means convincing your prospect and their FD.

So how do you convince people that you are right? Without evidence you are just another person with an opinion.  In fact ti is often worse, you are a sales person with an opinion and sales figures to hit.

So having a strong case means having verifiable figures you can use to provide irrefutable evidence of your case.

Where Can I Find Figures?

Figures are available everywhere if you know how to look.  In many cases you can access them from your/their website via Google Analytics.  In other cases you need to drill down through the sales figures to spot trends, causation and more.

This often means getting the “owners” of the figures to support or work with you and part of putting your case starts with getting those people on side. They will not be bullied or coerced into this if they do not believe in your case and can see the benefits.  So this takes time and is an art.  It is not something you can bulldoze your way through.

When you have the figures you need to present them properly.  This means that you need to marshall the right figures and present them in a way they can be assimilated.  FDs can understand columns of figures but MDs and creatives often find this harder.  So graphs of other visual devices might work better for them.

But first we need to determine what figures matter to them first as there is no point having a full set of figures that mean nothing to our audience.  So before you gather figures spend time with the client and understand what matters to them.  For example, most FDs are persuaded by Facebook followers … they want revenue and do not see the argument that a followers might spend eventually.  So in this case give them FB revenue figures rather than followers.


Without data you are just another person with an opinion

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