Customer Profiles: Social Media Profile Scores

Customer Profiles: social media responses from surveymonkey survey of UK students

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Knowing Our Customers Social Media Profile is Essential for Cost-Effective Marketing

I’ve talked about profiling our customers social media responses before,  And you probably realise I have concerns about the volume of poorly used social media being used by providers. Customer profiles are a vital marketing tool.

It isn’t that I’m totally  against social media.  It is that far too often the wrong platforms are often used, messages sent tend to be a bit vanilla and there are far too few calls to action for my liking.  Certainly social media is meant to engage. But it should never bore. And every marketing campaign should have some measurable outcome; preferably a sale of some sort.

Customer Profiles: How to Profile Your Customers

I’ve spoken about how to profile your customers many times and on this occasion used a SurveyMonkey survey.  The list was randomised so that every person saw it is a different order and didn’t get influenced by the order I used.

So in a world where I’m told that students are leaving Facebook and that SnaptChat and WhatsApp are the place to be, I ran a short student survey and discovered something different.

The link to the survey was sent by various means and the results from this group show that YouTube dominated with Facebook close behind. Behind this came Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

With this group I can forget Flickr as only 2.7% use it.  Even Pinterest only scored 18.9%.

Customer Groups’ Preferences Vary

Of course every group will vary and your results may be a good bit different. But you will not know unless you conduct some research.  Without it you will be guessing or basing your actions on somebody elses results.   That’s not a great thingto do.

SurveyMonkey isn’t the only survey tool you can use but it does work well in many circumstances.  The main thing is you profile your customers very soon.


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