Countdown Timers & Other Clever Apps

Countdown timer s are an example of clever apps Countdown Timers and Clever Apps for Almost Anything are Everywhere

Earlier today a client asked if it were possible to put an app on their website. It took 6-7 minutes to Google, find and embed the one below on this page.

Why Use a Countdown Timer? 

They impart urgency when you have a special offer or just a countdown to an event.

They focus the mind on the deadline that looms.

The next one can be used as a countdown timer or to count back to zero. It took me a few more minutes to find on WordPress and to configure it in a myraid of colours

[powr-countdown-timer id=00ea0dd9_1488548061]

The thing is it is possible to find an app for almost anything today. And embedding them is very quick and usually easy. They are also easy to control; to change colours, shapes, sizes etc.

App Warning

Just because an app exists you don’t have to use it. I see so many sites littered with copy, with loads of activated apps all fighting for space and generally looking muddled.

The rules of clarity, easy navigation, clear calls to action etc. still apply.